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Terms and conditions are located at the bottom of this page, as well as on the "Sale information" that can be downloaded above.

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Terms and conditions may be updated, so please check back here before that date.

Terms and Conditions for Vista Hospital liquidation in Garland Texas
1) Offers are currently being accepted until fair price is offered and awards will be issued soon after that.
2) All payments must be received 5 days after award in a secured form only. If secure payment is not received by that date, bidder will lose all rights to the equipment, and a 20% default fee will be assessed.
3) All property must be removed within 1 week of award. Items that need to be de-installed will have extra time. Any property not removed will have been deemed abandoned. and bidder will loose all rights and title to the property, and no refunds will be given for the abandoned property.
4) Once the bidders have been notified that they are the high bidder, the property will be the responsibility of that bidder for security of the property. There will be no insurance on the property after that point.
5) All Items that need to be de-installed, must be done as to not damage or deface the hospital property. Any de-install must be done by qualified personnel, and applicable insurance must be provided. All floors, doors, and walls must be protected, and any services (water, air, electric, drain, other) must be terminated per local code. Buyers are responsible for all risk of loss, property damage, personal injury caused by removal, and all costs of removal of items/lots purchased. A certificate of insurance reflecting adequate insurance coverage, holding Maxima Enterprise, owners and landlords harmless against any damage. 
6) There is no loading dock at this facility. Removal will be by appointment only. ALL costs to pack, remove, and transport any items will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. Arrangements can be made for packing and shipping at an additional prepaid negotiated cost.
8) Pictures are available for all items, but inspection is strongly urged. pictures may or may not indicate condition, and condition listed is only an opinion, and is not to be considered the actual condition. Items are sold as is where is, and condition is not guaranteed. 
9) In the event we must enforce these terms of sale in a court of law they shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas. 
10) Quantities, descriptions, serial #'s, year and model included in the inventory sheets provided on the items/lots in the sale/liquidation are believed to be accurate. However, Maxima Enterprises. owners, or advertising agency are not responsible or liable for any discrepancies.  Inspection prior to purchase is strongly encouraged. 
11) All sales are sold  “AS IS” AND “WHERE IS” All sales of items/lots are final. Items come with NO Warranty, guarantee of any kind either express or implied, written or verbal. Buyer specifically relieves, indemnifies and holds Maxima Enterprises, and owners harmless, from and against any and all responsibility, damages, claims, fines, penalties, judgments, actions, lawsuits, and/or liability of every kind and nature, including without limitation payment of legal fees.
12) Seller may, at their sole discretion, without reason, notice or liability of any kind, at any time prior to receiving funds withdraw or vary any or all items/lots, refuse to accept any bid or terminate bidding on any or all items/lots. 
13) If, for any reason whatsoever Maxima Enterprises fail to deliver an awarded item/lot, sole liability shall be the return of any deposit or monies paid on said item/lot, and Buyer shall have no further claim whatsoever.
14) Items/lots may be offered subject to a reserve price without notice to the bidders. 
15) Reciept of bid by Maxima Enterprises is not a commitment to sell. Awards will be made to the highest and best offer or bid. A submission of a bid by the buyer is a commitment to buy at that price and quantity.
16) Many items in the sale are subject to TDSHS regulations. Texas residents must possess a Medical Device Salvage Broker or Salvage Establishment License as issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services Bureau of Food & Drug Safety in order to purchase particular items. For Medical Device Purchasers Outside of Texas, some of these medical devices may require reconditioning.  Purchasers acknowledge that they are authorized to perform such reconditioning prior to resale or distribution under laws applicable to the state in which they are located. Buyers of radiology equipment must hold proper state and federal licenses.
17)  By submitting a offer, you are agreeing to the the above terms and conditions.



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Last modified: May 13, 2014